HIPAA Compliance Consulting

If your company comes into contact with Protected Health Information (PHI) or Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), then you are required to be compliant with HIPAA regulations. These regulations were put into place to protect you and your patients/customers from catastrophic damage. Hackers see PHI as extremely valuable. A single record is worth well over $700!​ If you are found to violate HIPAA you could face fines anywhere from $100 to $1.5 million depending on the nature of the breach. Don't let this be you!

I can provide you with everything you need to make sure that your network is protected and that your fully compliant with HIPAA. There are three types of safeguards that you must implement per HIPAA guidelines:


-Administrative Safeguards

-Technical Safeguards

-Physical Safeguards

A example of an Administrative Safeguard would be creating an Acceptable Use Policy that tells employees what is considered acceptable use of any device that is owned by the company along. This is a way to prevent accidents from happening due to misuse of technology. An example of a Technical Safeguard would be setting up a firewall to prevent unauthorized traffic from entering your network. An example of a Physical Safeguard would be making sure that all servers that contain ePHI are in a secure, locked room that only those with need-to-know have access to.

There are many safeguards that you must implement, both technical and non-technical. Let an experience professional help walk you through the steps to getting this task done and becoming HIPAA compliant! Reach out to me below and let's discuss a plan for your business.