Disaster Recovery Plan & Business Continuity Plan

Did you know that most businesses that do not have a disaster recovery plan tend to go out of business following a disaster event? Not having this plan could also result in loss of employee lives! You do not want to be in this situation! Your business needs a specific and in depth disaster recovery and business continuity plan in order to maintain your business during a disaster or recover as quick as possible.

The business continuity plan is sort of a high level plan of how you will respond to disasters. The goal of this plan is to lay out risks and determine how you will best mitigate them. You want to set your company up to where business processes that are critical to your business are still operational during a disaster.

The disaster recovery plan is the technical implementation of the business continuity plan and assumes that a disaster has struck and your business needs to recover. This plan provides procedures to recover critical businesses as soon as possible.

Your business needs both of these plans and more to truly protect itself. Please contact me today by filling out the form below and let's talk about how I can help you with the creation of these documents that will protect your company from harm.